Who we are

PIMEC is the employers’ association that represents the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed of Catalonia. Its origins date back to the year 1974, when it was constituted just at the start of the democratic transition. In 1994 it merged with the AEI (Independent Business Association) and in 1997 with the organisation SEFES.

PIMEC is formed by individual members (enterprises and the self-employed) and collective members (guilds and associations of sectoral or territorial enterprises). It defines itself as a multisector business confederation, autonomous and independent of any body, power or third institution. It funds itself with the fees of its members as well as the services it provides and the public and private projects in which it participates.

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Mission, vision and values

As the most representative business organisation in Catalonia, PIMEC represents and advocates the interests and values of SMEs and the self-employed among the administrations, the other social agents and society in general while actively contributing to their growth and competitiveness. Moreover, PIMEC provides SMEs with all the services and tools to help them be stronger and more competitive in a global market without borders.

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Representation and institutional participation

Business organizations act in defense and promotion of their own economic and social interests, mainly through institutional participation and representation. International institutions, such as the International Labor Organization (ILO), European, state and autonomous institutions, have recognized the exercise of this right of business organizations as fundamental agents through which citizens participate in public life and in the definition of public policies.

PIMEC is recognized as the most representative social agent in Catalonia, a condition that allows it, by virtue of article 45.6 of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, and Decree Law 9/2020, of March 24, by which regulates the institutional participation, permanent social dialogue and social consultation of the most representative trade union and business organizations in Catalonia, of statutory development, to be present and exercise this participation and representation actively in all those councils, commissions, bodies, institutions or tables aimed at participation, advice, negotiation or concertation in which decisions are made about the socio-economic reality of Catalonia and consensus is built that is highly relevant for many of the country’s institutions, in defense of the interests of its companies.

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