Sectoral and Work commissions


PIMEC defines itself as a multisectoral business organisation, embracing all the sectors and activities where SMEs and the self-employed are present. The representation and advocacy actions developed by PIMEC have an inclusive character and address general issues that concern all or most entrepreneurs, regardless of their sectoral field.

Nevertheless, PIMEC also acts with a sectoral approach in different ways. First, PIMEC’s collective members, i.e. the guilds and associations representing a given branch of activity, work together with the employers’ associations to advocate their legitimate interests. The guild or association contributes the sector’s knowledge, while PIMEC ensures it has ageneral scope and capacity of influence.

Second, PIMEC has its own sectoral organisations for very specific reasons. One of them is to bring guilds and associations from a given field together for more representativeness and to coordinate joint actions of interest aimed at the administrations and other agents. Another objective is, through one of PIMEC’s sectoral committees, to provide a given sector with a structure and visibility, either because it lacks its own organisations (guilds/associations) or because they do not fully represent the reality or plurality of that sector of activity. 

PIMEC has 10 sectoral comissions.

  • PIMEC Agrifood
  • PIMEC Commerce
  • PIMEC Sports
  • PIMEC Training and Employment
  • PIMEC Logistics
  • PIMEC Metal
  • PIMEC Tourism
  • PIMEC Health and Social
  • PIMEC Self-employed
  • PIMEC Youngs

Working Comissions

PIMEC has 10 work commissions in the social, economic, business and working areas. Formed by businessmen and independent experts who analyze transversal and common problems for the business community as a whole, identify possible threats and propose solutions.

PIMEC’s ​​work committees articulate their work through reports, studies and positions in order to create opinion and influence the changes necessary for the competitiveness of SMEs.

  • Public-private collaboration
  • Digitization and innovation
  • Woman and company
  • Economy and taxation
  • Energy
  • International
  • Labor
  • Sustainability
  • Universities
  • PIMEC 2030

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